L.I.N.E.S (2022)

Documentary in Progress

L.I.N.E.S (2022)

Documentary in Progress


Where there is a high demand and opportunity for urban sports development and stimulate youth active and sports. Public space can be adapted and redesigned with integrated sculptures and obstacles designed for skateboarding. I started documenting the process and collaboration of skatepark developer Michael Groenewegen with the City of Paris to re-develop two public plaza's.These public areas had to deal with social problems and long lasting nuisance which large metropolitan areas struggle with. The skateable sculpture was surrounded with redesigned and constructed street furniture that also lasts for skateboarding but also public use. The result and unexpected positive outcome was that 'Place de la Republic' was transformed into a friendly and energetic area where families with children were surrounding the skateboarding area.  Long lasting problems of crime and drug and alcohol abuse organically disappeared.

Stay tuned... 

Skatepark construction - Michael Groenewegen
Camera & Direction - Maurice Verburgh
Creative Direction - Ignasi Tudela
Graphic Design - Ignasi Tudela
Editor - Hiro Ikematsu
Co Produced - Wieden + Kennedy

Recontrés (2018) 

Recontrés (2018) a short Film about redesigning Public Space

Filmed and Edited by Maurice Verburgh 
Direction / Interviews - David Turakiewicz of DETOUR MEDIA France
Edited , Color Correction and Sound Design by Maurice Verburgh
Selected for the AIA Film Challenge 2018 (the American Institute of Architects) 

Initiated by Croyde Mirandon and Michael Groenewegen

Professional skateboarder - Remy Taveira

Place de la République, Paris Special thanks to Paolo Guidi

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